Our team is meticulous in the level of documentation we maintain for our communities.  The registration of Owners and Tenants,  keeping of meeting minutes, bank documents, technical illustrations, building specifications, maintenance manuals, contracts, suite files, as well as financial records and other pieces of documentation designated under the Condominium Act are kept and organized through our exclusive filing system.  Any registered member of the condominium is entitled to view these records.


Enforcing Rules

Legacy Management maintains a vigilant level of quality Security services in its communities, actively ensuring no standard or bylaw of the corporation is violated.


Timely Reporting

On a monthly basis our team of Managers each delivers multi-faceted report comprising various concerns related to the building they supervise.  Covered in these reports are matters relating to minutes of official meetings, items required for board approval, correspondences, financial reports, reports of building inspections, as well as any possible upcoming plans, including notices and board agendas.



Annual General Meetings, Board Meetings, and other specialized meetings are organized and prepared on our part down to every last detail.  The complexities of planning for appropriate locations, and preparing informative speeches from the President, to chairing and facilitating meetings is a responsibility that Legacy Management gladly takes on gladly.


Customer Service

Legacy Management comes to the table with years of customer service experience amongst all those who work for our team.  We maintain an exceptional level of standards in this field through what we do.

Through an atmosphere of politeness, empathy, and neighborliness, and the ongoing collection of knowledge and experience gained by our staff, our work philosophy is able to match the level of action that we commit to.

Round-the-clock services are provided all day, every day, in a prompt and corrective manner, with the full intention of resolving any issues or concerns members of our community might have help ensure that call, emails, and other communications are promptly responded to.