About Us

Legacy Management is a Condominium Management Company comprised of a team of accomplished and professional individuals dedicated to unwavering standards. We hold over thirty years of knowledge and experience in our work that enables us to run a seamless daily operation of your condominium in a manner that guarantees protection of your investment while ensuring its worth into the foreseeable future. Legacy Management is a powerful and resourceful all-in-one resource for Condominium governance that effectively eliminates any disparity between Developers, Owners, and a Board of Directors. Our specialty in performance items resolution has gained a win-win situation for all. In a way, no other management company to date has accomplished.

Legacy Management holds a deep sense of affection and obligation to those its efforts work towards. We choose to use our strengths in customer service, administration, as well as our financial acumen to ensure that everyone that walks through the door of one our buildings feels welcome, protected, and at home.