At Legacy & Associates, our intentions and efforts do not stop at a promise of strong service. We believe an extraordinary amount of action should be combined with this strength of mind and spirit if we are to deliver the highest level of service to not only meet an Owners needs, but to show them a level of consideration and care that exceeds that. This outlook deeply permeates every aspect of our work, as can be easily seen in our employees with their deep levels of customer service experience, or our managers and supervisors whom operate with great financial discipline and accountability.

While our services and skills occupy a vast range of areas, their usefulness fall under three crucial fields – Administration, Financial, and Operational. Together, they imbue our organization with a smart, firm, and spirited community.


Our team is meticulous in the level of documentation we maintain for our communities.


Accurate financial statements delivered in a timely fashion, meticulously maintained operating budgets, and reserve funds that are well-funded remain the cornerstone of Legacy & Associates’ financial efforts.


The efficient workings of mechanical equipment and concierge / house keeping staff are cornerstones in the extended longevity of a Legacy & Associates property.