The efficient workings of mechanical equipment and concierge / house keeping staff are cornerstones in the extended longevity of a Legacy Management property. 

Our operational procedures will ensure plumbing, mechanical equipment, as well as cleaning and electrical support resources are regularly inspected in great detail so that we can pass on to our Clients the belief that an optimal and organized level of work is ensuring the longevity of their property that they strive for.


Service of exceptional long-term quality and value are provided through the careful recommendations of Legacy Management. We will with great care provide reference to trades’ performance and compliance with their relevant authorities.


Programs & Manuals

Legacy Management has various operational manuals such as:

  • An Annual Planning Guide
  • Operational Manual
  • WHMIS Training & Compliance
  • Training & Education for Building Employees
  • Spring & Winterization Programs
  • Board manuals and Resident manuals
  • Implementation of Government Regulations
  • Security Standing Orders
  • Orientation